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Die Werderschleife ist ein Wasserweg, der für die Touristen sehr attraktiv ist und der viel Kontakt mit der Natur bietet. Die Werderschleife verbindet die Wasserwege der folgenden Flüsse: Weichsel,... more »


The Centre of the Tour and Entertainment of the Zulawska Loop is a multimedia platform, effectively presenting the investments that were executed under the project of the network of ports and... more »


The virtual guide of the Zulawska Loop is a compendium of knowledge about the waterways of the Vistula River delta and the Vistula Lagoon.
more »


The Żuławska Loop is an attractive waterway connecting with each other water routes of the Vistula, Martwa Wisła, Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka, Nogat, Wisła Śmiała, Wielka Świętej - Tuga, Motława,... more »


Date added: 2017-05-23, Time10:57:10

On the board of the houseboats sailing through the Pętla Żuławska, Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodship, summed up for the Radio Gdańsk journalists an implementation of the project for the Pętla Żuławska - the development of water tourism adopted by the resolution of the Pomeranian Voivodship Board from ten years ago.   Two crews - women and men for a week travelled through the planned... more »

Date added: 2017-05-17, Time15:00:32

In this one special May weekend from 20 to 21 May 2017 under the common brand "Water Fiesta 2017", residents of Pomerania and tourists will be able to take advantage of an attractive offer of sailing clubs, marinas, riverside hostels, marinas, sellers and service of equipment and boats, sea and river charters.  Everyone, regardless of their age, will be able to take advantage of free water activities at a promotional... more »

Date added: 2017-05-12, Time15:19:45

Once again, journalists from Radio Gdańsk are sailing on the waters of the Pętla Żuławska and for the first time also sailed the waters of the queen of Polish rivers - the Vistula. A partner of the organized action is the Marshal's Office of the Pomorskie Voivodship.  Their adventure will start on Saturday, May 13 in Żuławki. Two crews - women's and men's, consisting of journalists working every day in Radio Gdańsk,... more »

Date added: 2017-03-24, Time12:42:00

The Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk withdrew from the idea of closing the lock in Przegalina during the season. The object was to undergo a renovation which will take place at the turn of 2017 and 2018. Thanks to this, boaters will not have problems with reaching the Vistula River in the summer.  The original RWMA plan assumed closing of the lock in Przegalina from March to November this year, due to the large... more »

Date added: 2017-03-21, Time09:45:49

Another, and already the 29th edition of the "Wind and Water" fair, the largest Polish exhibition of the yacht industry and water sports took place from 16 to 19 March in Warsaw. Over 400 exhibitors, including the Pomeranian Voivodship with the Pętla Żuławska, already known by many water sports enthusiasts has presented their offers in the hall at Mars Street. As every year, exhibitors from abroad, including from Croatia,... more »

Date added: 2017-03-13, Time12:32:31

On March 9, 2017 in Żuławski Park Historyczny in Nowy Dwór Gdański was held a meeting, the purpose of which was to familiarize waterway infrastructure owners with plans for the development of navigation in the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodships and an indication of the barriers, obstacles to navigation and other problems related to the sailing. In addition, there have been also discussed the activities concerning the preparation of... more »

Date added: 2016-11-16, Time14:54:51

Jak co roku na Targach Żeglarstwa i Sportów Wodnych Boatshow 2016 trwających od piątku do niedzieli (11-13 listopada) w Łodzi, nie zabrakło oferty Pętli Żuławskiej. Po raz pierwszy jednak oferta ta zaprezentowana została w nowej odsłonie ekspozycji targowej.W łódzkiej hali Expo (al. Politechniki 4) na miłośników żeglarstwa czekały też najnowsze jachty żaglowe i motorowe oraz wykłady na temat nawigacji, bezpieczeństwa i technik... more »

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