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Die Werderschleife ist ein Wasserweg, der für die Touristen sehr attraktiv ist und der viel Kontakt mit der Natur bietet. Die Werderschleife verbindet die Wasserwege der folgenden Flüsse: Weichsel,... more »


The Centre of the Tour and Entertainment of the Zulawska Loop is a multimedia platform, effectively presenting the investments that were executed under the project of the network of ports and... more »


The virtual guide of the Zulawska Loop is a compendium of knowledge about the waterways of the Vistula River delta and the Vistula Lagoon.
more »


The Żuławska Loop is an attractive waterway connecting with each other water routes of the Vistula, Martwa Wisła, Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka, Nogat, Wisła Śmiała, Wielka Świętej - Tuga, Motława,... more »


Date added: 2014-05-30, Time15:36:55

 Innovations Forum in Rzeszów is well known across the country and abroad. Main subject of the forum changes every year and the subject of this edition refers to tourism. Innovative tourism sector is constantly developing and creates opportunities for economic growth.   The 5th Innovations Forum and Carpathian States Tourism Forum took place on 27-28 May 2014 and was held in the Centre for Microelectronics and... more »

Date added: 2014-05-22, Time09:02:08

Last Saturday, 17th of May, in Rybina village was the opening ceremony of newly build marina. The 3-mln zl investment was part of the project Żuławska Loop - development of water tourism Stage I. The organizers had prepared for the guests plenty of attractions, including a show of yachts and boats, a cruise on Szkarpawa river and childrens performances from the Municipal Cultural Centre. The marina was built at the turn of... more »

Date added: 2014-04-28, Time12:37:05

Modernisation and development of the sailing marina in Sztutowo, within the framework of the project financed by the Cross-border Cooperation Program Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013, has been completed. The cost is almost 1 million 300 thousand PLN. Due to EU funds, a platform with a dimension of 40m in length and 4 m in width was constructed, at which sailors will be able to moor units, also a pavement leading to the wharf. In addition, a... more »

Date added: 2014-04-28, Time12:35:52

Tender published by Zulawska Loop Company for the infrastructure operator on the framework of the project "Zuławska Loop - water tourism development. Stage I" is still on. It applies to yacht ports management in Krynica Morska, Elblag, Tolkmick and sailing marinas in Blotnik, Nowa Pasleka, Malbork, Braniweo, Oslonka and Biala Gora. The tender is to select a so-called operator, whose tasks will be: full-year technical management of... more »

Date added: 2014-04-28, Time12:34:34

In the south-west part of the port in Katy Rybackie a fixed platform with a of length of 57 m was constructed, connecting the existing wharf with a parking-mooring platform of a modular structure - with 3 floating concrete decks with a length of 20 m, and an width of 4 m, each has a foothold, mooring legs an entrance trap and a ramp for launching yachts. The inland area includes finishing work in the sanitary facility of the yacht marina. In... more »

Date added: 2014-04-28, Time12:33:21

Construction of the sailing marina in Rybno is at a critical stage. The project involved the embedding of 3 mooring platforms, two of which are to be used for safe waiting for drawbridges openings on the Szkarpawa River and the Krolewiecka Vistula River (from the Vistula Lagoon). Each platform width is 2.4m and has a length of 30m; over its entire surface is a wooden board, equipped with steel mooring posts, wooden stop beams, steel hatchway... more »

Date added: 2014-04-28, Time12:32:28

In November construction of another water marina on the Zulawska Loop was completed. This was on the Martwa Vistula River in the Wislina marina of the Water Club PTTK "Wislinka". The investment was completed by Pruszcz Gdanski Municipality, with support of the EU Pomorskie Viovodeship Regional Operational Program for 2007-2013. Water sports enthusiasts are provided with several mooring places for y-booms, sanitary facilities and a... more »

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