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Die Werderschleife ist ein Wasserweg, der für die Touristen sehr attraktiv ist und der viel Kontakt mit der Natur bietet. Die Werderschleife verbindet die Wasserwege der folgenden Flüsse: Weichsel,... more »


The Centre of the Tour and Entertainment of the Zulawska Loop is a multimedia platform, effectively presenting the investments that were executed under the project of the network of ports and... more »


The virtual guide of the Zulawska Loop is a compendium of knowledge about the waterways of the Vistula River delta and the Vistula Lagoon.
more »


The Żuławska Loop is an attractive waterway connecting with each other water routes of the Vistula, Martwa Wisła, Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka, Nogat, Wisła Śmiała, Wielka Świętej - Tuga, Motława,... more »


Date added: 2017-10-04, Time08:10:39

On September 30, the last, final stage of the photography contest "Pomorskie- znane I nieznane" ended. All participants have demonstrated exceptional photographic abilities and skills in capturing the natural values ​​offered by the Pomeranian Voivodship.  From all the photos sent by e-mail, the jury consisting of the organizers selected 20 photos. The top 10 rated by the Internet users went to the grand... more »

Date added: 2017-08-16, Time10:33:41

The Pętla Żuławska, which is a "child" of the project called "Pętla Żuławska – rozwoju turystyki wodnej", in which local governments from the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodships participated (the whole project was coordinated by the Pomeranian Voivodship Self-Government), under which the infrastructure for water sports was built and revitalized. The area of the Vistula Delta and the Vistula Lagoon,... more »

Date added: 2017-08-10, Time12:32:22

Do you spend your holidays in the Pomeranian Voivodship? You enjoyed the open-airs locations, monuments, lakes, sea beaches, or perhaps a cruise or canoeing trip? Have you captured an interesting situation during the trip in the frame? An undiscovered areas of the Region? This competition is for you!  All you have to do is upload photos (up to 3 photos) from where you spend your holidays, running, swimming, or simply... more »

Date added: 2017-08-03, Time13:24:41

We invite all interested people to take part in canoeing on the Vistula, which will take place on August 26, and which is organized by the Pomeranian Voivodship.  On Saturday, August 26, 2017, will take place a canoeing trip on the Vistula River from Korzeniew to Biała Góra (section 18.3 km). Electronic registration for rafting started on July 25 this year on On the same page you can find a plan and... more »

Date added: 2017-08-02, Time08:44:09

Navigation on the Pętla Żuławska is an application that works similarly to car navigation. It covers the area of ​​the Pętla Żuławska (the Vistula Delta and the Vistula Lagoon) and is used for safe use of waterways and facilities forming the infrastructure of this area. Thanks to navigation, you can learn in advance about, for example, navigational obstacles that we will come across while exploring Żuławy's... more »

Date added: 2017-07-26, Time10:57:50

The year of the Vistula River is a nationwide campaign that is to show that this waterway can be not only a tourist attraction, but also a potential economic trail. Elbląg, although not directly on the Vistula, joined in the celebration of this holiday. On this occasion, already this Saturday, July 29, will be held a picnic at the Elbląg Yacht Club. The Year of the Vistula River is an initiative that came from the... more »

Date added: 2017-07-19, Time07:45:01

Already this weekend, a new photo exhibition promoting active tourism in the region awaits the inhabitants of Pomerania and tourists. Marinas, harbours, canoe trails and bicycle routes encourage active leisure by the water in the Pomeranian Voivodship.  Pomeranian Voivodship expands its infrastructural offer addressed to interested active tourism every year. The places we reach by water, and then we change to... more »

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