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EU investments in tourism in the Pomeranian Voivodeship approved!

Date added: 2017-12-18, Time15:08:44

Construction and extension of ports, marinas and mooring bridges, infrastructure of canoe routes and new bicycle routes - will be created thanks to the projects that, by the decision of... more »

The next stage of the expansion of the Żuławy Loop is started

Date added: 2017-12-18, Time12:06:17

303 km of an unforgettable adventure that can be experienced by canoe, yacht, motorboat or houseboat - the Żuławy Loop, one of the region's major attractions, is advertised in such an... more »

We already know the date of next years regatta for the Cup of Three Marshals!

Date added: 2017-11-20, Time10:05:13

Despite the fact that we still have 2017, we invite you to participate in next year's regatta and the Cup of Three Marshals. In 2018, competitions that from year to year gain greater... more »

The Pętla Żuławska together with the Gdansk Bay will develop with co-financing

Date added: 2017-11-20, Time09:42:57

The Pomeranian Voivodship Board has chosen to co-finance projects that make up the following strategic projects: "Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe", "Pomorskie trasy rowerowe o... more »

2. Śląskie Targi Wodów Wodnych i Rekreacji WIATR i WODA 2017 in Katowice with Pętla Żuławska

Date added: 2017-11-14, Time10:28:08

2. Śląskie Targi Wodów Wodnych i Rekreacji WIATR i WODA 2017 took place in Katowice at the International Congress Center on November 10-12, 2017.  The most beautiful yachts, luxury... more »

With the Pętla Żuławska at the II International Travel Trade Fair in Nadarzyn

Date added: 2017-10-26, Time09:15:59

From 20 to 22 October at Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn, was held the second edition of the World Travel Fair.  During the event, you could have an instant, 3-day trip around the world.... more »


Meeting on the preparation of water roads of the Pętla Żuławska of the sailing season 2017

Date added: 2017-03-13, Time12:32:31

On March 9, 2017 in Żuławski Park Historyczny in Nowy Dwór Gdański was held a meeting, the purpose of which was to familiarize waterway infrastructure owners with plans for the development of navigation in the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodships and an indication of the barriers, obstacles to navigation and other problems related to the sailing. In addition, there have been also discussed the activities concerning the preparation of the sailing season 2017 on the Pętla Żuławska. One of the numerous guests was the Polish Senator Jerzy Wcisła. Opening and introduction of the meeting was made by Zbigniew Ptak - Starosta of Nowy Dwór. Then, Grażyna Kluge, Director of the Regional Office of the Marshalship of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in Elbląg and Krzysztof Czopek, Director of the Department of Infrastructure of the Marshalship of the Pomeranian Voivodeship presented the activities undertaken by the regional authorities in the area of ​​waterway development, especially regarding the implementation of the strategic activities: Pętla Żuławska and the Gdańsk Bay and Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe. In turn, Michał Górski, the President of the Pętla Żuławska Company, emphasized the attractiveness of the Vistula delta waterways, presented arrangements related to the organization of the sailing traffic on waterways and the results regarding the operation of marinas. As the President of the Company emphasized, they are enjoying annual results regarding the increase in the number of tourists and sailors visiting the ports and marinas of the Pętla Żuławska. The data for 2016 show that in total over 130 000 people used the marina on the Pętla Żuławska. The meeting concerned also the preparations for this year is tourist season; working hours of drawbridges, pontoon, railway and lock bridges; There have been made some proposals for changes in the functioning of these devices, which have a large impact on the freedom of tourist use of inland waterways. The proposals were presented, among others by Piotr Salecki - the owner of the portal. There were also presented the postulates and comments of the water sports community regarding the improvement of navigation along the routes of the Pętla Żuławska. The main expectations that were pointed out by Piotr Salecki include: marking the access to the Pasłęka and Wisła Królewiecka rivers, the mouth of the Vistula, marking of the Nadbrzeże marina, exposing an additional light buoy at the Gdańsk pond (the current one does not light), setting the opening hours of locks for the whole season from the beginning of each April, next to the end of the navigable route" tables information boards tourist waterway or running all power lines over Szkarpawa under the bottom of the river. A separate postulate was the renovation of the Przegalina lock. Participants of the meeting requested not to close the lock in May 2017, especially when we have the celebrations of the Year of the Vistula (numerous rafts, regattas and cruises will take place on the Vistula route to Gdańsk) and shift its renovation at least until September 2017. In addition, Krzysztof Roman, the Director of the Regional Water Management Board in Gdańsk, presented information on the activities carried out in 2016 and the ones, planned in the coming years in the area of ​​the development of waterways of the Vistula Delta

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