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Navigation marking on the Vistula Lagoon

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How to safely sail on the Vistula Lagoon

How to safely sail on the Zulawska Loop

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Navigation marking on the Vistula Lagoon

The Vistula Lagoon belongs to the inland marine waters, and is marked by the IALA system, region A, similarly to marking the sea. Thanks to this sailors have the chance to improve their skills in navigation and habits useful in subsequent sea sailing.

Navigation marking on the Vistula Lagoon involves buoys, ponds, temporary lights, approaching gates, landmarks. There is the lighthouse, nautophone - more exotic instrument.

Navigation signs on the Lagoon / Zalew/ are:

- Lighthouse in Krynica Morska.
- Ponds: permanent structures - navigation lights on lattice towers, placed on the solid
basis, on the stone islands.
- Toroidal light buoys: part of the buoys defining the fairway.
- Non-light buoys: they mark the fairway. White and red buoys with a sphere that designate
centre of the fairway. Red buoys with a cylinder - this is the edge of the left side of the fairway (looking towards "to the port"). Green buoys are the edge of the right side of the fairway (looking towards "to the port").
- Cardinal buoys: with a combination of yellow and black and black cones arranged
according to the region in which they restrict navigation. They determine extreme shallows and other dangerous places. A buoy marking the western edge of danger is called "French lady", with two cones pointing towards each other. Buoy located on the east the edge of dangerous water is "Russian lady", with cones pointing upwards and to blades bottom. The buoy marking the northern edge of the danger is "Eskimo", with two cones directed upwards and finally buoy marking the southern edge of the dangerous water is "Black woman", with both cones directed down. Sometimes there are no cones, but only the perch, painted yellow and black. The lighting of such buoys fits into the hours on the clock face.
- Side marking buoys: green and red. They mark the ends of the fairway and port fairways. Set with pairs, they form gates. The direction of the port fairway is directed towards the port, so red buoys (perch or cylindrical) are on the left side of the fairway and green buoys (perch or conical) on the right side.
- Leading lights: they determine the port fairways. During the day they are triangles, rectangles or diamonds, in white or red colour. At night the leading lights shine. Often, there are two - front and rear leading lights. It should be flow so that both signals lead to coincidences. The front signal is attached lower.

Sea border
The border is determined by white-red and green-red buoys.

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